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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Some of the common questions asked by our visitors

    Most of our websites should range from A$1500 to A$5000. However, it depends on the specific kind of website you need. We work in the best interest of the client, and we will justify the cost we charge.

    Building a website from start to finish usually takes between 4 – 10 weeks, provided we have all the information. Generally, there will be a delay in creating a website if we are waiting on text content and image from the client.

    It all depends on the kind of website you want to build. We can understand this only when we can meet you in person or virtually. Depending on the expectations you have from the website, we could need

    • Your and the team images
    • Workplace images
    • Website contents, e.g., PDFs, word docs, excel sheet, etc
    • Staff Profile
    • Any videos
    • Hosting and Domain login credentials

    Upon receiving your request, we either meet in person or catchup virtually to gather all the requirements. Once that is done, communication will be via email. We will provide a demo link to the work that we are doing. In this way, you can request real-time changes if you are dissatisfied with how we are progressing.

    Changes are inevitable in life, and so are we. Once we have gathered all your requirements and have performed adequate research and planning, we go in for a virtual tour. You will have the opportunity to view the work's mockup. If you are unhappy, we can go back to the drawing board.

    Additionally, we also provide a demo link during the website creation; you can always email us about any subtle changes that you want. 

    Yes, all the websites we design are compatible with all types of mobile devices. It is standard, and we do not charge extra.

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