Real Show Website

Real Show Event Management Website

Creation of a vibrant and sleek website for Real Show, a leading event management agency.

  • Client
    Real Show Pvt. Ltd.
  • Location
    WB, India
  • Industry
    Event Management | Entertainment
  • Our Solution
    Mobile Responsive WordPress Website
  • Website


Real Show Pvt. Ltd., established in 2011, stands as an industry leader in event management, specialising in corporate events, celebrity management, MICE, BTL, social media management, and creative branding. Their team, driven by customer focus and results, demanded a website that mirrors their dynamic and vibrant service offerings. The website needed to not only convey information but also capture the essence of Real Show’s energetic and creative approach to event management​​.


  • Designing a website that reflects the vibrancy and energy of the entertainment and event management industry.
  • Achieving a sleek, modern design that is both aesthetically appealing and easy to navigate.
  • Developing this extensive website under time constraints, while ensuring it meets contemporary design standards.

Our Solution

  • Emphasised vibrant colours and dynamic visuals to capture the essence of the event management sector.
  • Implemented a clean, simple layout ensuring user-friendliness and easy navigation, highlighting services like expo booths, experiential events, product launching, and more​​.
  • Included sections for event schedules, showcasing upcoming events and seminars for the current year, enhancing user engagement and interaction​​.
  • Showcased recent works and customer testimonials to demonstrate Real Show’s impact and effectiveness in the field​​.
  • Added a blog section to keep visitors updated with the latest insights and trends in event management, fostering a sense of community and ongoing learning​​.

Technology Stack

WordPress, MySQL, Amazon Web Services


The Real Show website effectively embodies the company’s ethos of vibrant and dynamic event management. Despite the time constraints, the project achieved a balance between stylish design and functional simplicity, creating a platform that not only informs but also excites and engages its users. This website stands as a testament to Real Show’s commitment to excellence in both their event manage

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